International exchange and cooperation

Cultivating international sensibility

To instill an international sensibility in citizens of Hokkaido, the Center holds lectures and other events throughout the prefecture, promoting among participants international understanding of different cultures. We also work to deepen international understanding among local elementary and junior high school students through exchanges with people from abroad, toward developing future leaders.

1.Lectures for international understanding

In collaboration with municipalities, the Center holds lectures that aim to deepen citizens' understanding of international situations and exchanges, as well as international cooperation and the role of regions, so as to promote internationalization in Hokkaido.

2.International Understanding Course for global citizens

Inviting experts from within and beyond Hokkaido as lecturers, the Center holds the International Understanding Course on themes such as international understanding, international exchanges and international cooperation, multi-cultural society in collaboration with municipalities and local international exchange organizations.

3.Promotion of international understanding

To raise Hokkaido citizens' awareness of international cooperation, the Center organizes seminars concerning the conditions of developing countries, the role of international cooperation activities and so forth, by inviting as lecturers those who have participated in or have been otherwise involved in international cooperation activities.

Building a bridge of international exchanges

The Center endeavors to develop human resources and to build a bridge for international exchanges, by dispatching Hokkaido citizens (mainly youths) to wide variety of countries and to developing nations for exchange and training. We do this while accepting trainees from abroad who come to acquire technical skills and to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture.

1.Dispatch of International Exchange Study Mission

Toward the fostering of future leaders who will make use of their international views for the creation of rich communities, the Center dispatches citizens to foreign countries. Through on-site observations and exchanges of opinions, these delegates study exemplars of living environment and local culture, learn about the differences between those areas and Hokkaido, and come to understand the different approaches taken by this prefecture and elsewhere.

2.Dispatch of International cooperation Study Mission for high-school students

To promote international cooperation locally, the Center dispatches mainly high-school students to deepen their understanding of how they may realize ideal international cooperation, by observing activities carried out by organizations such as NGOs and Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and by exchanging opinions.

3.Acceptance of technical trainees from overseas

The Center accepts technical trainees from developing countries mainly from south America to encourage human resources that will contribute not only to technical development in their own countries but also friendly international relationship with Hokkaido people.
(Commissioned by the Hokkaido Government)