Collection and dissemination of information

As a base for domestic and international distribution of information on international exchanges and cooperation, HIECC collects and provides international information by publishing a quarterly magazine and periodicals and by providing Hokkaido citizens with access to its books and reference materials, its information on the Internet and its video corner.

1.Quarterly publication, "Hoppoken"

This quarterly magazine provides information relating to fields including lifestyle, economy, arts and sciences of foreign countries, focusing on those in the Northern regions.
(Published since 1976)

2."Deai" (Encounter), a newsletter on international cooperation

This magazine carries a variety of information related to international cooperation, including the conditions of developing countries and activities of local NGOs.
(Published quarterly, since 1996)

3.Dissemination of information by homepage

The Center offers a variety of international-activity-related information in Hokkaido on its homepage.